Stevens Hotel


The Stevens Hotel was built in 1929 as a 30 room hotel with 4 guest common bathrooms.  Today the hotel serves guests and their families with 2 three room suites and 3 two room suites. With one single room on the main floor.  The Hotel sleeps 24 guests. With each booking guests have access to the hotel lobby to meet and mingle, access to the spacious ballroom.  The kitchen for preparing meals and snacks and the back yard patio to relax and lounge or barbecue.  

The Stevens Hotel allows for a unique experience. If you are staying for a family reunion your family are the only guests in the facility. You can put the children to bed safely upstairs and the adults can visit and mingle in the lobby and ballroom on the main floor. 

Weddings are magical at the Stevens Hotel with the historic back ground of the building and the Territorial State House guests can stay in the Hotel, the bride and groom can have rooms for getting ready and relaxing on their special day.

This is a great place for out of town guests to stay and relax.

Business conference and retreat.  We offer a unique opportunity for a retreat and team building experiences.  Stay in our suites, have meals catered in the facility, use the ball room for conference and team building instruction.